Old house renovation steps

Old house renovation step 1: replacement of doors and windows
The aging of doors and windows is the most common problem in old houses. Doors and windows are not only the facades of our homes, but also the anti-theft door gods in our homes. Generally speaking, if the aging of doors and windows is not very serious, we can take the paint again to make the old doors and windows look new. However, if the doors and windows in the home are seriously aging, such as peeling, deformation, etc., in this case we need to replace the doors and windows in the home, especially if there are steel doors and windows in the home, once the skin peels off or even cracks, It is possible to harm the body of the door, and once this kind of door and window is deformed, it is difficult to recover, so we usually need to replace it in this situation. In addition, if the doors and windows in our house are of the older style, it is recommended that you replace them. After all, some old-style door locks are simply a breeze for the current “high-tech” thieves.
Old house renovation step 2: removal of walls and floors
Some wall skins on the wall will also peel off and slag due to time engraving. In severe cases, cracks will appear. We can choose to paint it again, then use sandpaper to polish, and finally paint directly. When we are smashing the tiles on the wall and the ground, we must avoid small fragments falling into the sewer during the process. Although it is very inconspicuous, small fragments can easily cause the water pipe to block; generally speaking, only the thickness is 4 Millimeter solid wood and composite areas can be renovated, but everyone needs to pay attention to the color problem between the floors. It is very possible that the new floor color conflicts with the original floor color. This requires us more Attention. In addition, when removing the walls and the ground, you must pay extra attention to the distribution of water and electricity lines, and don’t damage or randomly disturb the water and electricity lines in your house.
Step three of old house renovation: removal of water and electricity lines
In the old house, the water circuit has been used for a long time. I believe there must be aging and corrosion in some places. If the original line pipes are galvanized pipes that have been screened, they must be replaced during the renovation of the old house. If the original wires are all aluminum wires, we must also remember to replace them with copper wires. One thing to pay special attention to is that for relatively large electrical appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., because of the relatively large power, a separate running line must be set up when installing.
When carrying out the removal of water circuits, you must remember to close the water and electricity gates, after all, safety is the first priority.
Step four of old house renovation: replacement of old furniture
If the basic decoration is completed, then our newly purchased furniture can be entered. The new furniture is very important to a house, and the new furniture will also have a great effect on the vision and living of the whole home. Very important role.