Open cloakroom

The open cloakroom refers to the use of an empty wall to store clothes, but there is a cloakroom that is not completely enclosed. This kind of cloakroom is suitable for young people who want to solve all functions in a large space. But even if it is open, there must be a certain degree of privacy to avoid making the large space seem too messy.
The open cloakroom feels like it is very spacious and has good air circulation. However, open spaces can cause clothing to be more easily contaminated with dust, so dust prevention is the key consideration for this kind of cloakroom. You can use a dust cover to hang clothes or use boxes to stack clothes.

Avoid disorganization of clothes: Because the wall cabinets in the walk-in dressing room are mostly open, all the clothes are exposed outside, it is easy to be messy and messy. Therefore, the division of the slab should be reasonable. Before the slab is divided, the size of the objects to be placed, including the length, body, and weight, etc., can be fully analyzed. Which ones are commonly used, which ones are spares, who is suitable to put on them, and who It is suitable to be placed below, whether it is convenient to place and take, and so on. Then, based on these analyses, create a segmentation diagram of the object shelf.

Pay attention to the use of sophisticated hardware: these hardware is an important part of ensuring quality. If it is only cheap for a while, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. Designing a seat or telescopic rod in the dressing room, which can sit and hang when changing clothes, is a manifestation of humanized design.

Keep the size of the cabinet installed: It is best to leave a margin of at least 5 cm between the size of the cabinet and the surrounding wall to facilitate on-site installation. The so-called tight fit is actually a misunderstanding.

Do a good job of moisture-proof treatment: most architectural design concepts will place the storage room close to the kitchen and bathroom, at least one wall is like this, if the homeowner’s storage cabinet falls into this category, the moisture-proof problem is particularly important Up. First of all, make waterproofing in the neighboring bathroom or kitchen, and then put some moisture-proof agent in the kitchen during use.

Consider the environment: As the saying goes, “The world does not have the best, only the most suitable.” Before deciding to make a walk-in cloakroom, the homeowner should analyze whether its external environment is suitable for a walk-in dressing room, such as whether the room is in There are roads, whether the balcony is a double window, whether there is a door between the balcony and the room, etc.

The size of the space occupied: There are usually two types of wardrobes: one is divided by the building itself, and the other is divided by re-segmenting the space by yourself or the designer. In fact, the latter does not need to be spatially divided. Big, enough. For some clothes that you don’t wear very often, it’s best not to take up space, and please take them out after tidying up. This is the best embodiment of the activity space.