Open kitchen glass door design effect

The open kitchen is bright and atmospheric, which is very suitable for the young people’s home life. If you have a bar in the kitchen and sit by the bar and drink wine, it will be very comfortable. The design of an open kitchen should take into account the spatial layout. Connecting the kitchen with the dining room or even the living room can not only make the home space more transparent and spacious. Here is how to design an open kitchen?

1. Strengthen ventilation

The open kitchen must be well ventilated and smoked, otherwise the cooking fume will drift to the dining room and living room, and the white walls will turn yellow over time. Therefore, high-power and multi-function range hoods are indispensable for open kitchens. It is best to have larger windows in an open kitchen to ensure good ventilation, to reduce the smell of oily smoke in the room, and to make the indoor light brighter.

2. Space transformation

Each kitchen space will have basic structures such as firewalls or overhead beams during construction. When renovating the partition walls of the kitchen, the existing conditions of the structure must be taken into consideration, so as to “make the best use of the situation and use it cleverly”. If there are lintels on the wall to be renovated, it can be transformed into a bar light top instead of being removed, so as not to affect the stability of the building structure.

Three, leave enough space

Do not put a lot of kitchen utensils on the countertops of the open kitchen, which can ensure that the countertops are clean, beautiful and look more refreshing. Therefore, the storage function of the cabinet needs to be as large as possible, so that all the base cabinets come in handy.

Four, coordination

In order to maintain the integration of dining, kitchen and guest in an open kitchen, it is necessary to consider the coordination between the living room and dining room furniture and the kitchen furniture. To ensure that the open kitchen can be integrated into the overall home atmosphere. The quality of an open kitchen is also very important, otherwise it is better to “enclose” an unsightly overall kitchen.

The open kitchen is more in line with the modern and simple home style, and the open kitchen can enlarge the space visually. The small open kitchen is a must. Due to the limitation of the area of ​​small apartment, the division of living area should be compatible as much as possible