Open kitchen

1. The choice of open kitchen range hood
If you choose an open kitchen, you must install a range hood with high power and strong suction when decorating the kitchen. First look at the motor power of the range hood. The suction power of the range hood depends on the power of the motor. The motor power of the range hood on the market is generally between 180-220W. Relatively speaking, the greater the motor power, the better the smoking effect. “365 Mala Tang” is still recommended for the downdraft range hood, its smoking effect is relatively good, but the downdraft range hood costs more, generally better than tens of thousands.
Second, the choice of open kitchen cookware
Stoves in open kitchens should be considered to choose kitchen utensils that do not produce too much oily smoke. Smokeless cooking utensils such as microwave ovens, induction cookers and smokeless pots are the best choice. This kind of cooking utensils does not produce oily smoke and is relatively clean. Use it to make Cooking with rice will not produce too much smoke and dust.
Three, open kitchen ventilation decoration
It is best to have larger windows in an open kitchen, which can ensure good ventilation, reduce the smell of indoor oily smoke, and make the indoor light brighter.
Fourth, choose easy-to-clean materials
The walls and floors of the dining room and living room should be made of easy-to-clean materials as in the kitchen. Floor tiles, laminate flooring and other materials should be used on the floor. Do not pave solid wood floors, because solid wood floors are easily deformed by the influence of heat, and the gaps are also easy to stick. Get oily.
Five, change cooking habits
The cooking habit of frying is prone to produce a lot of oily smoke, which not only causes the problem of oily smoke, but also is not good for health. When cooking, it is best not to have an open flame; at the same time, don’t wait for the oil to smoke before starting to put the vegetables. In addition, try to use steaming, boiling, and stewing as much as possible to produce a lot less oily smoke.