Open study decoration case

Open study room 1. When decorating their homes, many families will set up a special study room, even if the area is small, an area will be set up in the living room as a place for study and work, separated by a bookcase, or a cabinet, Separated by cloth.

2. How to arrange the study to better reflect the personality and connotation of the owner, which is quite knowledgeable. Generally speaking, the color of the wall and ceiling of the study should be elegant, clear, and soft light colors, such as light blue, light beige, and light green. The floor should be made of wood floor or carpet, and the wall material should be wall paper, board and other sound-absorbing materials to achieve the quiet effect of the study.

3. Generally, light-colored gauze curtains that can shading and have a sense of transparency are suitable for the material of curtains. The effect of high-grade soft venetian blinds is better. The strong sunlight will be warm and comfortable through the reflection of the window curtain.

4. The furniture in the study is mainly writing desks and bookcases. First of all, ensure that there is a larger space for storing books. The depth between the bookcases should be 30 cm. Excessive depth wastes materials and space, and brings a lot of inconvenience to books. The shelves and partitions of the bookcase can be adjusted arbitrarily, and can be adjusted according to the size of the book.

5. The scale and investment of the study room are generally considered based on the size of the room, the occupation, identity, and the number of books of the owner. If the area of ​​the room is limited, it can be extended to the space; the choice should also be based on the owner’s economic affordability. Under normal circumstances, the study pursues practicality and simplicity, and does not necessarily require a large investment.