Open study design principles

Open study room The so-called open study room is the study room and other rooms separated and limited by a certain decoration, generally appearing in small and medium-sized households, a special area in the bedroom or living room as a place for work and study. Therefore, the supplies in the open study need to be small and exquisite, and every inch of space should be used reasonably.

The design of an open study should first pay attention to the integrity of the decoration
The so-called open study is that it is not an independent space, not a separate room, but a space separated by some furniture or decoration, so for such a study, its decoration style cannot be It’s very special, it must be consistent with the overall decoration style of the family, so that it can form an overall style. In this way, the decoration of the family looks more beautiful, and the value of the study will be reflected.

The design of open study room should pay attention to the choice of study furniture
In a lot of open study design knowledge, there is a clear view on the choice of study furniture, that is to use open bookcases, and it is best to make exclusive custom bookcases, so that the entire bookcase can be placed on it to make it more visible. Atmosphere and style. For example, in a relatively large bedroom, a section of space is separated as an open study, then the size of the bookcase determines the overall effect of the study. Therefore, the choice of furniture is an important point.

The design of the open study room must finally grasp the versatility of the furniture
Since it is an open study room, the bookcase in the study room is naturally open. Therefore, the bookcase in the open study room is not only used as a function of placing books, but as a multi-functionality, such as some Showcases can be used as exhibition stands, etc., in this way, the integrity of the bookcase is reflected.

For the open study design, one of the main principles is integrity and aesthetics, so that the whole study can be well integrated into the home decoration style, so that the value of the open study can be reflected.