Open study style

Open study decoration design one:

The open-style study room becomes casual and relaxed, unlike the independent study room. With a book, you can enjoy the happiness of reading at any time. A comfortable sofa and plenty of sunlight constitute everything.

Open study decoration design two:
The open-style study room on the balcony, soft cushions, and warm woolen blankets, how can such a good time and a good environment live up to it? Under the beautiful sunshine, the study has a special atmosphere.

Open study decoration design three:

The pure white study room, simple and convenient design, and the practical study room retractable lamp allows you to work and study conveniently. The entire study room has only two decorative paintings posted on the wall at will. It is this simple, the study room is very spacious. Through the beauty.

Open study decoration design four:

The light blue open study room, the blue is peaceful and quiet, the one-piece wall cabinet is not only a good bookshelf but also a good storage box, all kinds of office and learning utensils are well sorted into storage boxes, study room It looks neat and spacious.

Open study decoration design five:

The beige study room has a very elegant texture. The original wood lamps and lanterns are very distinctive, which maximizes the simple decoration style. The red chair next to it is the bright color embellishment in the study room, and the study room becomes lively and lively under the red embellishment. stand up.