Open wardrobe size

Are you still worrying about the clothes you don’t know where to go? Are you still feeling sad because the closet is full? Are you still worrying about home decoration? In fact, the style of home decoration must be popular and generous, so as to get people Like it. The open wardrobe is a decoration facility that is especially popular with young people nowadays.
Open wardrobe size
Wardrobe design renderings one
The sliding door wardrobe design has become more popular in recent years. The place is really small and fashionable. The sliding door wardrobe above looks pretty good. From this wardrobe design renderings, everyone can know that the furniture is simple and easy to match, and the simple but not simple design is used to perfectly show the European pastoral style. The size of this wardrobe design is relatively petite, which is more suitable for small-sized bedrooms. The reasonable internal space design can make more perfect use of space and increase storage and practicality. Usually the size of this wardrobe is 2200*600*2200mm.
Wardrobe design renderings two
Open wardrobes are the first choice of many friends with better conditions. This kind of wardrobe is relatively good-looking, atmospheric, practical and easy to place. Of course, this kind of wardrobe has high requirements for cleanliness in the home. The furniture in the design renderings of the wardrobe is made of solid wood as a whole, which is strong and reliable, and has a longer service life. The wardrobe design is relatively simple, using clear and natural textures to perfectly show the unique charm of the Chinese style, adding a bit of natural flavor to the home. Generally, the size of the wardrobe in this rendering is: 3500*500*2400mm.