Orange and yellow decoration

Orange decoration refers to the use of more orange tones during the decoration process.

1. Use warm and warm yellow to light up the walls and let the bright sunshine fill the small duplex home. With the original texture of pine wood, it creates an authentic rustic charm.

2. The red and yellow are matched together to create brilliant light, and the invisible air is also dyed a lovely orange by the light. The warm orange, the sun shines in, it is even warmer. The spacious living room and proper furnishings are just right to adjust the warm sight.

3. The overall orange tone is very warm and comfortable.

The psychological effect of orange decoration

Yellow: This color is often used in the costumes and palaces of ancient emperors. It can give people a noble and charming impression. It can stimulate the mental system and digestive system. It can also make people feel bright and happy, and help improve the ability of logical thinking. If golden yellow is used in large amounts, it is easy to feel unstable and cause arbitrary behavior. Therefore, yellow is best used in home decoration with other colors.

Orange: It can produce vitality, appeal to appetite, and help calcium absorption. Therefore, it can be used in restaurants and other places, but the saturation should not be too high, otherwise, it may cause people to be overly excited and cause bad mood.

Orange decoration precautions

There are many ways to use orange for home decoration. You can boldly use your imagination on the hard decoration to create a passionate orange home world. Orange furniture, orange sofas, orange fabrics, orange dining tables and chairs can be combined with soft furnishings. Enthusiastic, but warm and lively.