Outdoor furniture type

Outdoor furniture type
1. Permanently fixed
Such as wooden pavilions, tents, solid wooden tables and chairs, iron wooden tables and chairs, etc. Generally, this kind of furniture should be made of high-quality wood, which has good anti-corrosion properties and is relatively heavy. It should be kept outdoors for a long time.
2. Movable
For example, West rattan chairs, Tesslin chairs, foldable wooden tables and chairs, and sun umbrellas. When you use it, you can put it outdoors, and when you don’t use it, you can store it in the room. Therefore, this type of furniture is more comfortable and practical, without considering so many sturdy and anti-corrosion properties, you can also add some fabrics for embellishment according to personal preferences.
Three, portable
For example, small dining tables, dining chairs and parasols. This kind of furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy or canvas. It is light in weight and easy to carry. It is suitable for field trips and fishing. It is best to bring some outdoor equipment and barbecue grills. Racks, tents, etc., add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.


Outdoor furniture size standard
1. Recliners for outdoor furniture
Recliners are the most common type of outdoor leisure furniture, and they can usually be seen in many public places such as hotels and restaurants. Just after playing some entertainment in the hotel, such as hot springs, you can lie down on the lounge chairs to rest. When the sun is shining, the family members can take a comfortable rest in the sun and relieve fatigue from work.
Generally speaking, the standard ordinary recliner is 70 cm wide and 120 cm long, but the recliner will have to be in different places according to different styles, and the design specifications and sizes are also different. The recliner is made of wood, steel alloy, and rattan. You can choose different models according to different materials. You should be able to buy a recliner that suits your preferences.
2. Sofa for outdoor furniture
The sofa is generally for friends who have a balcony. In fact, it is a good choice to put a relaxing sofa on the balcony. You can lie down on the sofa or sit and chat with friends to see the outdoor scenery. It’s a very pleasant life.
There are also many materials used for outdoor sofas. Some are made of aluminum alloy and painted on the surface, while others are hand-woven, using environmentally friendly rattan, which looks elegant and stylish.
What is the size of the outdoor sofa and how to design it. Generally, it is a single sofa or a two-seater sofa. The ordinary two-person uses 1300*870*910mm, and the single uses 710*870*910mm. In fact, the outdoor sofas on the market have different sizes and specifications. You can place it according to Choose the size of the area.