Overhead layer

Overhead layer refers to an open space layer with only structural support but no envelope structure. Simply understood as an overhead space layer. The overhead floor is a new concept added in the new residential design code. In practice, it is not used very much. For example, in a high-rise commercial and residential building, an overhead floor is set on the top of the podium in order to obtain an open passage or space.

The main functions of the overhead layer: 1. Safe and reliable: the entire community is overhead, there is no residential floor on the ground, and the residence is on the overhead layer, without fence isolation and protection. The first floor is also beautiful without guardrails, and there is no feeling of living in a cage with guardrails; 2. , Make full use of: Equipment rooms, property management rooms, clubs, garages, swimming pools, etc. can be set up in the overhead layer.

There is no idle space. Various pipelines are suitable for laying under the overhead layer, eliminating the need for each unit to be buried in the home and easy to maintain. 3. Diversion of people and vehicles: cars drive in the overhead floor, and people move and relax on the overhead floor. No other community is always worried about the cars in front of and behind them, and then driving in and out without circling up and down the underground garage.

The psychological stability of the driver is very helpful; 4. The landscape is pleasant: there is no overhead floor stalls, parking spaces, box transformers, etc. should be arranged. Greening and landscape are not easy to do, and the effect should be discounted, and a blank paper on the overhead floor can be Draw the latest and most beautiful pictures, and the landscape design can be made more comfortable and pleasing to the eye; 5. Ventilation and noise reduction: The wind is blocked by the building. When the planned road passes through, the wind speed accelerates and causes negative pressure, which is beneficial to the ventilation of the parking lots on both sides of the overhead floor. Furthermore, the car compartment can minimize the noise.