Paint acceptance

The paint project is related to the face of the home and has a great influence on the surface effect of the home improvement. Therefore, when decorating, the paint project needs to be carefully checked and accepted to ensure that the quality is passed. Let’s take a look at the acceptance knowledge of paint, wallpaper and wood paint.

Paint acceptance specification: acceptance of mixed oil painting: the type of paint used should meet the design requirements, the color of the painted surface should be the same, there is no trace of brushing, peeling, missing brushing, anti-rust, whitening, bottoming, flow falling are not allowed , Wrinkled leather, wrapped edges and uneven color defects, pull the line to check the decorative line, the color separation line is straight, the error is less than 1 mm, used to touch the paint smooth, no blocking feel, wood adjacent hardware, glass and The walls are clean and free of oil stains.

Standards for paint acceptance: 1. The variety, color and performance of paint used in the paint project should meet household requirements, and product quality should meet current national and local standards. 2. The putty used in the paint project should be prepared according to the paint variety and performance requirements, and it should be firmly and firmly combined with the base, and no peeling, chalking or cracking. 3. For wooden floors, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets and ceilings, putty with water resistance should be used. 4. The working viscosity of the paint should be based on the fact that it does not flow or show brush lines during the painting process, and should not be diluted arbitrarily during the application process. 5. The paint should be applied evenly each time, and the layers must be firmly combined. 6. For fine wood decorative products, when the factory is making and assembling, the paint should be applied in the production stage. The last paint should be applied after installation. When making and assembling on site, the base oil should be applied once before assembly. Oil), and then apply paint after installation. 7. Paint application should be carried out according to the temperature requirements in the product manual. 8. After the application tool is used, it should be immersed in the corresponding solvent in time, and the color mixture should not be soaked.