Partition wall construction technology

Construction technology of color steel plate partition wall:
1. Construction material requirements
1. The main materials used in the project, finished products, and semi-finished products shall be carefully inspected for compliance with the design regulations. Materials with refuge are not used.
2. Wood materials and other materials that do not meet the requirements of clean standards are not used in the clean room.
3. All kinds of entry materials are stored in a clean and dry environment with enclosure facilities, and placed flat on the moisture-proof film.
4. Color steel plate and aluminum profile selection.
5. The color steel plate adopts the coil material produced by Shanghai Baosteel, the second-degree paint film, and the color code is uniform milky white with no color difference.
6. All internal and external corners of the partition wall in the clean area are connected by integral arc aluminum alloy parts, and a special arc skirting line is used between the partition wall and the ground. The arc radius is R=50.
7. The surface of the color steel plate is stiff, the bends are straight, and the size of the template is error-free. The color steel foam plate is not allowed to have overall arching or sinking.
8. All doors use stainless steel purifying handle handle locks, the lock cylinder is greater than 65mm from the door edge, and the lock cylinders with keys that can lead to the door lock outside the clean area, the rest are not equipped with keys.
2. Conditions for construction
1. The color steel plate installation in the clean area shall be constructed after the civil construction and decoration works are completed, and the indoor space shall be clean and free of dust.
2. The flatness requirements of the floor are relatively high, and individual uneven places on the site should be reported to the owner and handled by the ground construction unit.
3. After the completion of the pipeline and air pipe construction in the ceiling, the color steel plate construction must be carried out after pressure test and concealed acceptance.