Partition wall decoration

Living room partition wall decoration:
1. Since the living room space is not large, it is impossible to clearly divide the guest area and the dining area. In the end, it was selected between the two functional areas, with the decorative technique of thread curtains, to create an alternative soft partition.
2. A frosted panel door can bring light and hazy visual effects. The shadow of the whirling tree drawn on the Panmen is more three-dimensional. The decorative effect of the frosted door is very outstanding, becoming another kind of scenery in the whole space.
3. A simple mirror has no decoration, but it is a magical partition between the living room and the bathroom. Using its reflective characteristics in blocks, it naturally has the effect of multiplying the room effect.
4. The glass has a transparent texture and an excellent visual sense. It is a bold idea to decorate the home with it. The glass partition allows daylight to penetrate the entire space, or introduce sufficient light from other spaces into some darker rooms to enhance the brightness of the entire space.
5. With a simple bookcase, the living room and dining room can be distinguished perfectly. And its own storage function effectively increases the storage space of the home.
6. The floor-to-ceiling curtain itself also has the function of dividing space. Whether it is a soft and elegant tulle material or a warm and comfortable pure cotton fabric, it declares its elegant temperament and blows the romantic wind into the room.