Pine sofa

Pine sofa
Pine sofa is a kind of solid wood sofa, pine sofa general color natural, maintain the natural color of pine, clear and beautiful texture. It is practical and durable.
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Pine sofa is a kind of solid wood furniture, so there are many similarities between pine sofa and solid wood furniture
1. Gently press each stress point of furniture, such as column corner, drawer or shelf support, to test whether it is stable
2. Special attention should be paid to the connection of heavy furniture components, which should be fastened with screw caps
3. Check the sliding and positioning of drawers and open all doors to ensure that they are properly installed and in good working condition
4. Touch the surface of the furniture with your hand to see if it is smooth and if it is possible to break the protrusion of the clothing
5. It depends on whether the texture of wood is clear and clear. How about the pine sofa? I think there’s an obvious answer.
Although the pine sofa has obvious shortcomings, but consumers still like its unique design, fresh color and strong practicality. Pine sofa and general pine furniture are not different, but also trying to show better quality and style, in order to ease the tension of modern people work and make the most natural posture.


Because the price of pine sofa and material characteristics and brand have a great relationship. Pine wood is relatively soft, and the moisture content is relatively high, so it is easy to crack, so the maintenance requirements are more strict, which greatly affects the price of pine sofa; compared with the price of thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan for ordinary sofa, the price of pine sofa is very cheap. At present, the price of pine sofa in the furniture market is generally only sold between several hundred yuan and 2000 yuan, and the average price of pine sofa is less than 1500 yuan.