Pink decoration match

Pink decoration is to use pink tones for decoration design in interior decoration.

1 Taboos for matching pink decoration
Painting a large area of ​​the bedroom in purple will darken the tone of the entire space and dim the light, which will inevitably make people feel depressed and affect people’s mood. Strong pink and red are not suitable as the main color of the bedroom. Because this color can make people in a state of excitement, long-term living can make people feel irritable and emotionally unstable. If you have painted the wall red, you might as well embellish it with white decoration.

2 The psychological effect of pink decoration
Brilliant pink is making a comeback, a popular phosphor in the fashion industry these years, revealing the joy of infinite publicity. Of course, bright pink needs to be cleverly matched, not to be clichéd. You can use the color contrast principle, or use classic stripes or golden embellishments. Choosing the wallpaper of the same color as the sofa can enhance the atmosphere to the extreme. The flower pattern makes the wallpaper exude an exotic style, and the warm pink powder will not be too eye-catching.

3 Matching knowledge of pink decoration
The choice of wallpaper in the days full of laughter may be more high-profile. Differentiating the mood from the past will make the festive color of the festival more intense. In addition, grab the sofa, the focus of attention, match it with a few playful patterns, brightly colored bags and echo the color of the wallpaper, which will make people in it feel happy and warm. Changing curtains is also one of the easiest ways to enhance the atmosphere. Bright colors, large flowers and striped patterns are all good choices.

Pink decoration pink will bring irritable emotions

is pink, it can make people feel irritable when used in large quantities. In order to adjust the atmosphere of the new home, some newlyweds like to use pink to create romance. However, the strong pink color will keep people in a state of excitement all the time. After a period of time, the people living in it will have inexplicable anger, easy to quarrel and cause irritability. It is recommended that pink be used as an embellishment for indoor decorations, or to dilute the density of the color. A light pink wall or wallpaper can make the room warm.