Pink purple decoration

The pink-purple decoration is simple and sweet, with innocent dreamy colors, one’s space, one’s individual world. Pursue a minimalist living style, simple and charming decoration, pink and purple to add more dreamy colors to this simple space, highlighting a bright and happy space temperament.

The simple pink and purple one-way perspective curtains are easy to install, can protect privacy and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The large color block formed by the pink and purple curtains is the main color of the entire living room, and the space is harmonious. To highlight the sweetness of the space, soft fabric furniture is indispensable. Simple white fabric sofas, fabric tablecloths, and cylindrical cushions add cuteness and agility to the warm space.

Pink and purple decoration The living room and the dining room are integrated, maximizing the use of space. Pink and purple checkered tablecloths, white candle holders with pink and purple candles, purple bowls, and pink cups, these same color but different tableware sets echo the overall atmosphere of the living room . There is no luxurious furniture, just the pink and purple dotted in it, harmonizing the whole color of the room, you can easily create a sweet style room. Sweet but not pretentious, charming but not coquettish. Pink and purple is such a color system, low-key does not irritate the eyes and nerves, bright can increase the sense of happiness.