Plastic lockers

Plastic lockers
Plastic storage cabinet is usually also called plastic finishing cabinet, plastic storage cabinet, etc. Plastic lockers are made of polyethylene PE or polypropylene pp. they are generally divided into several layers, which can place different items, classification tools, etc. Plastic storage cabinet has the characteristics of environmental protection, sealing with cover, labor-saving belt wheel movement, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, cleaning and convenient, stacking orderly, easy to manage, high bearing strength, can be folded, save space, light weight and so on
Advantages of plastic lockers
The advantages of plastic lockers are as follows:
1. The price is low, because it is plastic products, now the price of plastic on the market is very low, so the price of plastic lockers is also very reasonable, which is affordable for most people.
2. It has beautiful appearance and many kinds, and its color is bright. Because of the great demand nowadays, many stores have grasped the business opportunity and produced various kinds of plastic lockers. Some even designed with cartoon images, which greatly meet the needs of consumers.
3. Small floor area, large storage space, plastic lockers can be selected by customers’ own preferences, and it covers a small area, but the storage space is very large, this is its function, but also its biggest advantage. 4. Green environmental protection and pollution-free, our life philosophy is more and more green and safe, plastic lockers are a good interpretation of this concept, it has no pollution and can be recycled, at the same time, we can also use environmental protection materials to make plastic lockers.
5. The design is humanized and easy to clean. Considering that the strength of the human body is limited, the humanized side of the plastic storage cabinet is displayed. Under it is a wheel, which is convenient for us to move. Plastic material is more convenient for us to clean, just need to clean it regularly with cloth.
6. Wide application, its above five advantages lead to its large-scale application in various industries. For example: supermarket, household, storage and so on.