Plastic steel door and window manufacturing method

Plastic steel door and window manufacturing method
1. About the overlap amount of plastic steel windows
The plastic-steel window frame and the window sash are sealed by overlap, and the overlap between the fan and the frame is called the overlap amount. The industry standard does not specify the amount of overlap. For casement windows, the overlap amount is generally between 8~10mm. If conditions permit, the overlap amount should be as large as possible, so that even if the frame fan overlap position is slightly misplaced during installation and use, the sealing between the frame fans can be ensured.
2. Processing the drainage hole of the middle slide of the sliding window
For the commonly used sliding windows with gauze fan slides (that is, three slides sliding windows), whether the middle slide has drainage holes, the product industry standard does not mention, but for the north, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, The upper plastic-steel window has better sealing performance, so the surface of the glass (referring to the single-layer glass window) often condenses with water mist, which causes water to accumulate between the middle slide and the screen window. In order to drain the water in time, a drainage hole must be processed in the middle slide. It is more difficult to process drainage holes in the middle slideway than in the outer slideway. Before welding the frame, use a long drill to drill holes at the selected position from the end of the window frame at a certain angle, or use a T-type milling cutter directly at the end. For milling, the latter method is more beautiful and has better drainage effect than the former.
3. Determination of the thickness of insulating glass
Insulating glass is more and more used due to its good heat and sound insulation properties, and its thickness is mainly determined by the thickness of the glass and the spacer. The thickness of the spacers is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm (refers to the size of the spacer after the hollow glass is made). The glass is generally 5mm and 4mm, and the thickness of the insulating glass is determined by the plastic frame (fixed frame), the main fan profile, the glass bead and the glass sealing tape. If the insulating glass is thick, it is impossible to install the glass bead. If the insulating glass is thin, the sealing is not tight, it is easy to permeate water, and the glass is easy to move.