Popular trend of porch collocation knowledge

Hallway matching knowledge
1, low cabinet partition type
is to define the space with low-shaped low tables, and partitions in the form of low cabinet-like molded furniture, which can store items and divide the space.
2, transparent glass
uses large-screen glass as a decorative partition, or embeds transparent materials such as sandblasted glass and patterned glass beside the plywood veneer, which can separate large spaces and maintain the integrity of the overall space.
3, grille surrounding screen type
is mainly partitioned by transparent wooden grille screens with different lattice patterns, which not only has a simple and elegant charm, but also produces a complementary effect of transparency and privacy.
4, semi-open and semi-covered
is a completely shielded design for the lower part of the partition. The two sides of the partition are concealed and impenetrable, and the upper end is open to penetrate the ceiling of the connected ceiling. The height of the semi-open and semi-concealed partition walls is mostly 1.5m, which achieves a strong artistic effect through uneven changes in lines, wall decorations on the wall or decorations such as reliefs.
5, cabinet type
is half cabinet and half shelf. The form of the cabinet frame adopts the transparent lattice frame for decoration on the upper part and the cabinet body on the lower part; or the cabinet parts are arranged in a symmetrical form, and the middle part is transparent; or by irregular means, the virtual, the real and the scattered are mutually blended with a mirror surface The comprehensive design of various art forms, such as, emptying and penetrating, can achieve the purpose of both beautification and practicality.