Porch ceiling

Entrance ceiling refers to the top decoration of the entrance of the room. Simply put, it refers to the decoration of the ceiling, which is an important part of interior decoration.
Entrance ceiling. Entrance is the scenery line of the entrance, and it is necessary for every household to create a perfect level. If you can replace the ordinary lamps and lanterns with the ceiling commensurate with the entrance, it will add a softness and fullness to the entrance.
Hallway ceiling In the hallway part, the hallway uses glass with gauze to dissolve the feng shui taboo of the hallows, while retaining the advantage of light transmission. The clover-shaped shoe cabinet door is shaped like a vent and a handle. It has multiple functions and is more convenient to use; the shape of the wardrobe and the shoe cabinet echo each other, and the other side of the two-sided cabinet is used as an electrical cabinet , Deliberately separate the top block with different tones, so as not to feel oppressive.