Porch collocation knowledge

The knowledge of porch collocation borrows decorative elements from the interior. For example, rural-style furniture, you can also buy a shoe cabinet full of pastoral flavor and put it in the hallway. You can also put flowers, decorative paintings, etc. on the cabinet. The functional decoration is correct. If the home decoration is very simple, then the entrance should not be too fancy, a stable shoe cabinet with wood grain, a cute shoe stool, and a small carpet with simple colors are all good choices.
Entrance originally refers to the door of Buddhism, but now it refers to the outer door of the hall, which is an area of ​​the entrance of the room. Originated from Japan, it specifically refers to a transitional space between indoor and outdoor residences.
The basic functions of the entrance
is a buffer space for changing shoes, changing clothes, or going from indoors to outdoors. Some people call it a small room, a hall, and a hall. Although the porch area in the residence is not large, it is used more frequently and is a necessary place to enter and exit the residence.
The porch is matched with the door entrance of the knowledge room. It is an important place to give people the first impression after opening the door. It is also a place where family members usually pass through. It is not suitable to leave flower arrangements, potted plants, potted flowers, foliage plants, etc. together, which will block the passage and also Plants are easily bruised. If the entrance hall is relatively large, some leaf plants can be arranged here, and the leaves should be developed to a high place so that it does not obstruct the line of sight and access. Arranging small and exquisite plants will give people a sense of clarity. If you use the wall and the cabinet behind the door to place several pots of foliage plants, or use the ceiling to suspend pumping vines (golden calamus), spider plants, and ferns Plants, Commelina communis, etc., are also better ideas.