Post pouring belt

In order to prevent harmful cracks that may occur due to uneven shrinkage or uneven settlement of the cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure during construction, according to the requirements of the design or construction specifications, the temporary slabs, walls, and beams are set aside temporarily. Construction joints.

The post-pouring belt temporarily divides the structure into several parts. After the internal shrinkage of the components, the construction joint concrete is poured after a certain period of time to connect the structure into a whole zone. The pouring time of the post-pouring zone should be selected when the temperature is low. Cement or concrete mixed with a small amount of aluminum powder can be used. The strength level should be one level higher than the strength of the member to prevent cracks between the new and old concrete and cause weak spots. The location of the post-pouring belt should also consider different consumption factors such as templates.

1. The post-pouring construction zone set up to solve the settlement difference between the main building of the high-rise building and the podium is called the post-settlement pouring zone.

2. The post-pouring construction zone set up to prevent the concrete from cracking due to temperature changes is called the temperature post-pouring zone.

3. In order to prevent the construction area from being too large and the structure from shrinking and cracking due to temperature changes, the post-pouring construction joints set up are telescopic post-pouring belts.