Precautions for bar decoration

Notes for bar decoration 1. The height of the bar is about 1 to 1.2 meters, but this height standard is not an absolute truth and should be determined by the average height of the bartender. Notes for bar decoration 2. The bar is composed of three parts: the front bar, the operation table (center bar) and the back bar. Notes for bar decoration 3. The height of the operating table under the front bar is generally 76 cm, but it is not static and should be determined according to the height of the bartender. Generally, the height should be at the wrist of the bartender, which saves effort. The operation table usually includes the following equipment: three-compartment washing tank (with the functions of initial washing, scrubbing, and disinfection) or automatic glass washing machine, sink, twisting sink, wine bottle holder, cup holder, and beverage or beer dispensers. Bar decoration precautions 4. The height of the back bar is usually 1.75 meters or more, but the top should not be higher than the bartender’s reach. The lower level is generally about 1.10 meters or the same height as the bar (front bar). The back bar actually plays the role of storage and display. The upper cabinet of the back bar usually displays wine utensils, wine glasses and various wine bottles. The middle is mostly for the preparation of various spirits for mixed drinks. The lower cabinet stores red wine and other bar utensils. . The refrigerating cabinet installed on the lower floor is used for refrigerating white wine, beer and various fruit materials. Bar decoration precautions 5. The distance from the front bar to the back bar, that is, the working aisle of the service staff, is generally about 1 meter, and no other equipment should protrude from the aisle. The top should be equipped with a blister board or rubber board roof to ensure the safety of bar service personnel. The floor of the aisle is laid with plastic or wooden strips, or laid with rubber pads to reduce fatigue caused by standing for a long time. Precautions for bar counter decoration The floor of the aisle of the bar counter should also be laid with a plastic grille or a strip-shaped wooden frame, and rubber pads can be laid in part to prevent water resistance and slip resistance, and also reduce the fatigue caused by standing for a long time.