Precautions for bay window decoration

Bay window In modern bedroom decoration, the decoration design of bay window has become an indispensable part. In the beautiful bedroom space, bay window is the best place to show romantic style. So, what are the precautions for bay window decoration?

1. What kind of window does the bay window refer to?

The so-called bay window is generally rectangular or trapezoidal and bulges toward the outside. Unlike a traditional flat window, only one side is glass, but three sides are covered with glass. At present, the popular bay windows are mostly divided into two forms, one is with steps, the other is completely grounded and integrated with the ground. They not only increase the lighting and ventilation functions of the apartment, but also add to the facade of the commercial house. Architectural charm.

The calculation of the bay window area has become a hot topic for consumers. According to Article 6 of the Document No. 2002 [74] of the Ministry of Construction: For houses with non-vertical walls such as inclined arcs and with a storey height of more than 2.2 meters, the area shall be calculated; and the walls of the house shall be inclined outward and exceed the bottom line. Calculate the building area based on the projection of the floor. That is, bay windows with steps are not included in the sales area as long as the height does not exceed .2 meters, so there is no problem of paying for bay windows. In other words, the height of the bay window sill to the ceiling is less than 2.2 meters, and the bay window is not included in the area. The outer floating balcony (only one side against the wall) is considered as half of the area; the inner balcony (with three walls) is considered the full area. The floor-to-ceiling bay window exceeding 2.2 meters effectively expands the actual use area of ​​the house. Therefore, the property area of ​​the house should be included, and the house price should be calculated according to the final measured area.

2. According to different heights, what methods should be used to decorate the bay window?

Some people like to call bay windows “bay windows” because they are generally rectangular or trapezoidal and project outward. Unlike a traditional flat window, the bay window has only one side of glass, it has glass on three sides. The height of the window sill is also relatively low. The low window sill allows people to have a broader view and feel closer to nature. In fact, the bay windows with low sills have a history in Shanghai, and you can often see them in old Shanghai garden houses. Now many domestic houses have also adopted bay window design, which not only pursues beautiful appearance, but also pays attention to practicality. Generally speaking, the bedroom is equipped with bay windows, which can not only enjoy sufficient indoor light, but also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape. The bay window of the master bedroom pays more attention to reflecting warmth and tranquility. The bay window can also be used as a very good viewing platform. Lie on the windowsill with two cushions on it, sit or lie down, watch the traffic during the day and the starry sky at night. Another aspect of using bay windows is its sufficient light.

Be cautious with bay windows. Of course, although bay windows have so many advantages, there are still a lot to pay attention to when using bay windows. First of all, we recommend that the material of the window sill should be sun-proof. In addition, experts suggest not to open the bay window in the children’s room, this is mainly for safety reasons, because the low window sill children are easy to climb.

3. How to choose the curtain of the bay window?

Most people like to use vertical curtains on bay windows. In fact, Roman curtains for bay windows are more suitable for bay windows, because vertical curtains will block part of the light when closed, and the closed curtains may not be very neat, which will affect the overall appearance. The Roman curtain side will be good, even if it is closed, it will be neatly layered.