Precautions for budget decoration costs

[Contents of Decoration Budget Table]
(1) The construction project and the location of the project, such as “ceiling”, should indicate where the ceiling is;
(2) The scale of the construction project. For example, how much area should be hoisted in total;
(3) Materials used in the construction project, including main materials and auxiliary materials. For example, “suspended ceiling”, the main material used can be PVC plastic gusset or aluminum alloy gusset, and auxiliary materials are wood keel, metal hanger and other hardware;
(4) The unit price of labor and material of the construction project. Such as the price and labor cost per square meter of the “ceiling” PVC gusset ceiling.
Budget trap one: set reserve price
A budget sheet contains a lot of content, but in fact this is just a budget framework, and some traps are in this framework. Before the budget has started, the design company may enthusiastically ask how much you plan to spend on the decoration. This may be well-intentioned, but it may also constitute a trap. Once the owner quotes his psychological price, some companies will piece together the budget price, and some will use the backward method to create a “fake” budget sheet to deceive the owner, rather than based on the actual workload. Count.
Therefore, for the trap of “reset price” of decoration companies, the best way is to tell the designer of his design ideas, and then ask him to make a budget according to this requirement, saying: “I will control the price. I have this payment. Ability.” Remember not to give the bottom to the other party.
Budget trap 2: fuzzy projects
In the budget table, a total quotation is often used to include a construction project, such as floor tiles, and a budget is given as follows: living room floor (28 square meters), icon floor, **/square meter, artificial materials** /M². There is no obvious difference from the total price, but the artificial materials are not clearly marked. If the materials use fake products or miscellaneous brands, the owner will “lost”. Therefore, this type of project must be broken down into detailed items in the budget table.