Precautions for children’s room decoration

Precautions for children’s room decoration 1: Safety is the most important thing. Children’s self-protection awareness is very weak. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to this aspect. When buying furniture and interior supplies, try to buy some round furniture , The less power supply, the better, and no debris can be placed on the floor.
Note 2: Environmental protection is also very important for children’s room decoration. When decorating children’s rooms, green materials should be used and some natural materials should be selected, especially waterproof coatings, adhesives, paint solvents (thinners), putty powder, etc.
Children’s room decoration matters three: color matching can not be ignored, the color and space of the children’s room is best to choose bright, relaxed and pleasant, and add more contrasting colors to cultivate their optimistic personality. Do not use grotesque images and dark colors to make young children have terrible associations.
Four points of attention for children’s room decoration: The light should not be underestimated. It is best if the room is sunny, the lighting should be good, the desk lighting should be soft and uniform, so that the room is warmer and the children are safer.
1. The children’s room is not suitable for the northwest.
In Feng Shui, the northwest position of the house symbolizes authority and weight. It is the head of the family and should be reserved for adults as bedrooms. If the child is allowed to sleep here for a long time, although it can make him have considerable development in some aspects, it will also make the child mature precociously and lose the child’s inherent innocence, which is not conducive to his learning and growth.
2. The children’s room should not be located next to the machine room. The roar of the machine will easily make the child mentally bored, and then cause mental weakness. At the same time, some rooms have more than one balcony, and the room with a balcony or close to the balcony will be set as the child’s bedroom. This is not impossible, but you must be very careful. The sun and the temperature are too strong.