Precautions for decoration and maintenance

1. Colored water may flow out when the water supply pipeline is used for the first time. After a period of time, the water will gradually become clear.  2. Do not use acidic or alkaline liquids, rough rags or steel balls when cleaning the faucet, otherwise the surface of the faucet will be roughened.  3. If you do not move in temporarily after renovation, you need to go out for a long time after check-in, or if you encounter public water pipe maintenance, it is best to close the main water inlet valve.   4. Before using electrical appliances for the first time, it is best to check whether the electrical appliances are damp and whether the plugs and wires are complete and safe. Especially electric kettles, electric water heaters, rice cookers, disinfection cabinets and other electrical appliances. You must read the manual before using newly added home appliances.   5. When using the gas stove, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the switch, and switch the gas according to the pointing sign. It is best to turn off the gas main switch before going to bed every night.  6. ​​Tiles and tiles must be cleaned frequently to keep the patterns clear, but you must use a soft cloth when cleaning, not acid-base liquids and hard brushes, otherwise it will damage the uranium surface of the tiles.  7. Marble Marble is a natural mineral, which is relatively delicate and easy to fade. Be careful when using it. Do not allow colored liquids to stay on the surface, and do not place metal objects that are prone to rust on them for a long time. Do not use acid and alkali liquids when cleaning stains. In addition, be careful not to let heavy objects hit the surface or scratch the surface with sharp objects.   8. The solid wood floor walks on the solid wood floor, do not drag it with the sole of the shoe, otherwise it will cause the paint surface to become thinner and shorten the service life. It is not advisable to walk on shoes with nails on the heel. Do not hit the surface with heavy objects. Avoid direct sunlight on the ground. When cleaning the floor, pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop and avoid mopping the floor when the mop is saturated with moisture.  9. Wood products Wood products include cabinets, cabinets, porches, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc. Pay attention to moderate force when opening and closing doors and windows, and pay attention to the sequence of opening and closing the doors and windows on the left and right.   10. For places with frequent contact, pay attention to protecting the paint surface.  11. The connecting parts and chute should be kept lubricated and clean, and the spacing of spring hinges should be adjusted and protected to prevent slipping out. For doors and windows that will not open for a long time, pay attention to the rust prevention of the connectors.  12. Lift up when moving furniture, don’t drag it on the ground.   13. When cleaning, pay attention to the dry humidity of the rag, especially when cleaning the side sealing edge, to prevent moisture from penetrating, so as to prevent the edge sealing patch from degumming.