Precautions for decoration of open restaurant

Open restaurant design is often accompanied by the mixed use of multiple spaces, such as dining room and living room, dining room and kitchen, dining room and entrance, etc., or even three together. The operation is far more difficult than imagined, the following editor will tell you
Note 1: Pay attention to ventilation and oily smoke
The open restaurant is not intended to be good in all aspects, but if the ventilation and swallow problems are not handled properly, it will be troublesome. For example, the smell of food has been permeated in the home, and the oily smoke in the living room lasts for a long time. Very bad effect, if inhaled for a long time will also affect your health. Therefore, the open restaurant must ensure a good ventilation environment, and secondly, the kitchen hood must be of good quality and effect.
Note 2: The location of the open restaurant
The open-plan dining room should lean on the kitchen as much as possible. The sofa and other furniture in the living room should preferably be left in the middle of the living room and dining room. If the dining room is too close to the living room, oil stains during eating can easily get on the sofa and other furniture. , It is not easy to clean, especially if there are children at home, pay more attention.
Note 3: The design style of the open restaurant must follow the design style of the living room.
The open dining room is originally connected with the living room, so the styles of the two places must be unified, otherwise the dining room will be uncoordinated in the living room, and the living room will be uncoordinated in the dining room, which will greatly affect the mood of the residents.
Note 4: The floor of the open restaurant does not have to be unified with the living room
Regardless of whether the floor is installed in the living room, smooth tiles or non-slip tiles are good, but the restaurant must be installed with clean and non-slip floor tiles. The restaurant will inevitably have soup and water, and sometimes rice and oil stains can get on it. It is not easy to clean, so be sure to choose good clean floor tiles.
Note 5 for the design and decoration of the open restaurant: the lighting design is exquisite
The lighting on the dining table is better with chandelier, of course, you can also choose the lighting embedded in the ceiling. The lighting in the restaurant must be softer to increase the warm atmosphere of the meal and strengthen the emotional exchanges between family members. The lighting of the restaurant should be mainly incandescent, and use the switch that can adjust the brightness of the light to keep the light flexible. Using low-intensity lights during meals will feel romantic and comfortable, but at other times, bright light can be used. In addition, it should be noted that the installation position should not directly illuminate the head of the diners, which looks unsightly and will also affect the dining mood.
I hope that the above considerations for design and decoration of open restaurants can make your home improvement more effective. Especially the design of dining room and kitchen, pay attention to prevent oily smoke!