Precautions for finishing home inspection

In order to avoid troubles and lazy decoration, many owners will consider buying well-decorated houses. Hard-decorated houses are often well decorated by the developers, but that is just a superficial phenomenon. Is it also decorated like the outside? Okay?
1. Wall cracks. After the previous construction was completed, some decorators used rough construction and used force when installing wooden components later, causing the wall to crack.
Second, the wall is hollow. Because some cement masters are not exquisite in workmanship, the hollowing of the wall occurs from time to time. You can use the car key to knock on the wall. If you hear something crisp and not dull, it means that hollowing has occurred.
3. Cracks appear in the ceiling. The phenomenon of cracks in the ceiling often occurs in old houses. The biggest reason is the aging phenomenon of multi-layer boards, and the occurrence of such a situation in new houses shows that developers use low-cost materials instead. However, because the multi-layer board is embedded in the wall or ceiling, it is impossible to see whether it is good or bad from the outside. Generally, cracks will appear in about 5 years.