Precautions for ground decoration

We have to walk on the ground every day. For the home floor, decoration is also particular. Let us look at the ground decoration methods and precautions to refine our floor.
1. The ground color is the larger color in the home, so it must be well designed and matched with other colors in the home.
2. No matter what kind of floor material you use, you must ensure that the floor is level, otherwise you will know when the furniture is placed in the future, and it will always be shaky.
3. When laying the floor materials, there must be expansion joints. If it is a wooden floor, the expansion joints must be reserved enough (the expansion joints can be covered with skirting at the end).
4. When paving the ground, don’t let workers drill holes or nails under the ground at will. It is easy to break the buried pipelines on the ground. The most frightening thing is that sometimes they just hurt the water pipes in the ground. I can’t see it, I’ll see water slowly later. If you must hit nails, you must read the construction drawings before you operate.