Precautions for home garden renovation

Netizen question
If the entrance garden is less than 10 square meters, it is really difficult to make an effect. Therefore, many small apartment owners have to rebuild it into a utility room for shoes, umbrellas, etc. Some residential gardens designed on the aisles are difficult to transform into effective functional houses. Even if they are modified, they are often nondescript and difficult to integrate with the home environment.
Expert answer
To renovate a residential garden, there are many details to pay attention to from planning to purchasing. If you don’t think it through once, it will increase the burden of the renovation process and lengthen the renovation time. If you want to do it yourself, you must plan the interior garden clearly. The functional orientation of the transformation is to start with the details of floor materials, wall decorations, etc. At the same time, in order to increase the liveliness of the space, you can also purchase fabrics suitable for home furnishings, or make personal style handcrafts, which will make the space content more Rich and diverse.
1. Understand the basic situation of the venue
Before transforming the residential garden, the most important task is to understand the space size of the residential garden, measure the length and width of the space, and pay attention to the fluency of drainage holes. After drawing the length and width sketches Above, the location of the water source and power source is marked, which helps to more clearly plan the location of the design when designing the space.
2. Decide your preferred style
For the overall design of the transformation space, it is best to have a style setting. If there is no clear idea, you can observe the design style of the home garden transformation from magazines or books, choose the type you like, and then make further adjustments.
3. Light, sunshine
The light conditions of the intended home garden belong to which sunlight direction, and the light conditions of different orientations may affect the functionality of the remodeled room. For example, the north-facing indoor garden has less sunshine and can be converted into a study or recreation room.
4. Expenses, arrangement time
Having a well-determined budget and available time for layout is helpful for the selection of building materials. First consider it so that there is no basis when running the store, which increases unnecessary waste of time and money.