Precautions for house reconstruction and demolition

1. Renovation
Generally, families who need house renovation are because the current state of renovation can no longer meet the quality of life of residents. Therefore, the focus of house renovation should be reflected in aesthetics and storage space. For example, storage space in the balcony or bedroom is not reasonably used, and the decoration of the living room, kitchen, and bathroom is too old. Because our early design focus should be reflected in this aspect. Try to save some locations that do not need to be changed as much as possible to reduce the cost of decoration.
2. Wall renovation
Due to the age of the old wall, the color of the wall is yellow, cracked, etc. Therefore, the basic treatment of the wall must be done before renovation, and the previous wall should be removed as much as possible, and then the latex paint can be repainted to make the whole The house is as bright as a new house. Although many owners hope to save money when renovating their houses, they only deal with some of the walls, but after a long time, wall problems will still reappear, and it will not be worthwhile to make rectifications at that time.
3. Renovation of doors and windows
When renovating an old house, the most prominent problem is that the doors and windows are aging, but if you are reluctant to change it, you can apply a new coat of paint to give it a new look. If the doors and windows have been deformed, it is not only unsafe, but also affects the use effect, so it must be removed and redone.
Fourth, wire transformation
Old houses generally have problems such as aging electric wires and simple circuit distribution, which can no longer meet the electricity needs of the current family, so they must be completely re-wired during house renovation. In addition, the number of sockets in old houses has not reached the current number of electrical appliances, so you must add more sockets when remodeling.