Precautions for installation of toilet water pipes

[Installation of toilet water pipes]
1. Change the exposed pipe to the concealed pipe, and bury the water pipe in order to be beautiful.
2. Install hot water pipes. For households with gas water heaters, extend the pipeline to the bathroom; for households with electric water heaters, separate water heaters in the bathroom and kitchen, and connect hot water pipes to the nearest neighbors. Note: PPR pipes are divided into cold and hot water pipes. The corresponding pipe walls and pressure resistance are different. The wall thickness of hot water pipes is different.
3. Changing the position of the valve and water meter, changing the main valve of the water pipe to a lower position, or even wrapping it, will bring certain hidden dangers to future maintenance and work. Recommendation: Put the main water valve in a better open position. For example, on the countertop, the pipe behind the valve is treated in a low position; the washing machine is moved to the ground or the faucet is used to wash the mop and water flowers in the future; the high position of the water meter is changed to a low position. It is difficult to inspect and inspect. The correct way is to lean against one end of the cabinet and install it vertically on the wall.
4. Change the heating pipes and move the heating to a convenient place for placing furniture, such as under the windowsill.