Precautions for Internet cafe decoration

1. Ventilation: For every 30 square meters of space, an exhaust fan or other ventilation equipment is needed. It’s best to have a few vertical air conditioners in the main corner of the hall. They are not open all day, but on time intervals. The start-up time is usually 1 hour, so that the places where the fans can’t take into account are as cool as possible. If there are private rooms, they must be on the wall. With air conditioners, fans cannot solve the problem. If there are air conditioners in the Internet cafes, the players will feel very comfortable.
2. Electricity and wiring: There are many lines in Internet cafes, and pipes must be used to protect and arrange them. Siyuan reminds: Be sure to find a technician who is experienced in the wiring of Internet cafes, and two points to be considered in particular: The front-end incoming line must use 24 square meters of backbone cable, and the back-end wiring should use 6-16 square wires as far as possible, between the power cord and the network cable. The distance must be greater than 30CM.
3. Restrooms: The restrooms in Internet cafes are a manifestation of the image and the quality of the operators. Generally, Internet cafe owners do not pay much attention to it. If the Internet cafe wants to have a good image, then the decoration and hygiene of the toilet must not be ignored (special reminder) : The toilet flushing is best to use a pedal type).