Precautions for kitchen decoration

⒈Kitchen safety
For safety, the design of the kitchen is to be careful of sharp protruding angles, appliances on the head, and range hoods. You can round these corners, or wrap them in cellophane, or buy some small plastic covers to cover the corners, the kind that can be stuck with sticky stickers. Of course, it is best to avoid using mats and mats in the kitchen. When someone holds a plate or a teapot with boiling water, they are easy to slip and burn others.
⒉Don’t the kitchen be completely closed?
Faced with kitchen decoration, many people are open to the open after referring to some other kitchenware company’s samples or pictures. But here is a simple common-sense question: What is the difference between Chinese food and Western food? In fact, when you look at those pictures, you can easily be deceived by the effect. The pictures of most ceramic tile suppliers are samples made in a partition of more than ten or twenty squares (note that it is not a wall). At present, the kitchen area in Shenzhen is about 6 square meters. The largest is no more than 8 square meters. Because of the different living habits, Western food is often just braised spaghetti steak and baked bread in a toaster. And Chinese food is often fried, especially in some cooking that uses animal oil instead of vegetable oil, there is a lot of oily smoke. Therefore, unless you are a friend who likes to eat Western food, you should use a closed kitchen honestly. If you like, of course you can use glass as a partition, at least it can meet your psychological needs.
⒊The countertop of the cabinet
Currently, the decoration of countertops is mainly natural stone (marble or granite) and artificial stone. Both materials can be used. Relatively speaking, natural stone is harder, while artificial stone is softer. But artificial stone is more beautiful, as you like. Here I want to emphasize that the artificial stone on the market is very poor. In 1997, the artificial stone at that time was imported and the quality was relatively good. The price was about 1,200 yuan/square meter. The current price is about 600 yuan/square meter and there is a transaction. In the past two years, a large number of domestically produced goods have appeared. Although the quality has risen, they still cannot pass the test. Although foreign artificial stones can be treated with sandpaper on the surface of the patterned road, domestic artificial stones are more and more polished. I have an engineered kitchen that the owner himself ordered from these companies. It hasn’t been half a year since I have polished the surface of the sink and greetings.
⒋Kitchen waterproof problem
There is not much water in the kitchen. Waterproof is mainly to ensure the position of the sink and the inclination of the ground. The most important thing for the former is to waterproof the interface. The cabinet made of plywood can be ventilated after being exposed to water, but the combined cabinet will expand after being exposed to water, causing the fireproof board on the rear surface to separate. Therefore, the floor of the cabinet must be made of 10 cm bricks for the most effective waterproofing.