Precautions for luxury house decoration

Precautions for luxury house decoration
1. The overall style of decoration
For house decoration, the most important point is to give people a warm feeling. For luxury houses, in addition to making people feel luxurious and tall, they should also give people a warm and home feeling, rather than being empty because of the big house. This requires a good position in the initial overall style design to lay the foundation for the next step of decoration.
Second, the choice of decoration materials
Regarding the choice of materials for the decoration of a luxury house, it must conform to the overall style of the luxury house and reflect the taste. More importantly, we must fully consider environmental protection and try to choose safe and environmentally friendly materials. Also consider the durability of the material, and choose a strong and durable material.
3. Considering the whole house, the functions should be complete
When decorating a luxury house, consider the perfection of the function of the luxury house and avoid secondary operations. For the moment, the functions of a relatively complete luxury house include: heating system, strong current system, weak current system, background music system, visitor system, anti-theft system, intelligent wiring system, water treatment system, fresh air system, etc.
Fourth, the division of space functions should pay attention to privacy
The design of luxury villas should pay attention to the functional zoning of the space, the mobility of each functional area, and the privacy of the spaces. For example: the rest room and the main public activity area are not in the same space, which can ensure that the areas are not interfered with each other to the greatest extent. The activity areas are independent of each other, safe and private, and can be well blended and interacted, maximizing the value and space of the villa.
Five, detail processing
After the hard decoration is completed, the overall decoration is basically determined, and then the soft decoration will be used for further beautification. Special attention should be paid to the selection of these details. Such as the selection and placement of plants in the room, the selection and placement of some decorative pictures and so on. This also involves some knowledge of Feng Shui, so we must pay attention to this problem in the process of purchasing and placing items.