Precautions for office building decoration design

1. Remove unwanted walls
Different types of companies have different requirements for the layout of office buildings. After signing the lease or purchase agreement, you need to have an understanding of the building as a whole, and make a general plan according to your company type and company needs. Which walls are It needs to be demolished, and which walls need to be kept.
Two, office building wiring problems
This requires a detailed plan for the entire office building, and detailed drawings based on the use of divided areas. Find a professional company to actually measure the size of the space, plan the direction of the line and the location of sockets and switches. The strong and weak current project is a very important point in the decoration of office buildings. If the decoration is not good in this respect, it will directly affect future work.
Three, reform fire protection
Fire protection is a big issue that cannot be ignored. For safe passages, safe exits, etc., we must focus on planning and decoration. And to install fire-fighting equipment to ensure that the fire-fighting equipment can be opened and used normally. In addition, smoke detectors and sprays must be installed in every room, even if it is a partition, smoke detectors and sprays should be installed for everyone’s safety. You can find a fire company to solve the fire protection problem.
Fourth, the leveling of the ground
Be sure to check whether the floor of the office building is flat during decoration. If there is any unevenness, it should be remodeled in time, otherwise it will cause great troubles for future use. This inspection can find a special company to conduct ground evaluation, and this is an indispensable inspection.