Precautions for open kitchens

1. Item classification

There are so many things in the kitchen, it feels like there are things that you can never clean up. When we are decorating, we must first divide the area, which area is to put something, and then consider what to install. Drawers and cabinets, this must be more in the kitchen to put enough things.

2. Lighting

In order to save money, some owners simply install a headlight on the top of the kitchen. In fact, this will bring great inconvenience to the use of the kitchen, especially when we are cooking and cutting vegetables at night, if the light is blind, it is easy to cause danger. So we’d better install lights under the wall cabinet, on the wall cabinet, and wherever we cook. In this way, no matter what angle or height, there will be good light.

Three, dining table

The preparation of dining tables in the kitchen has been widely used. Such a dining table is very useful, not just a literal setting that can be used to eat some meals. It can also be used to place bought fruit and vegetable points, or when guests come to our house and serve a lot of dishes, it can also be used as a temporary meal configuration place.

Four, humanization

The kitchen is a better place for us to exchange feelings with our children for parent-child interaction, such as making dumplings together. It is very beneficial for children to learn some simple kitchen labor. There are often knives and forks in the kitchen, and the corners of the kitchen cabinets are also easy to touch. This can be taken into account at the beginning of our open kitchen decoration.