Precautions for photo studio decoration

The main purpose of the decoration of the photo studio is to create a comfortable and elegant environment for customers, and provide high-quality services, so that customers can come with joy and return with satisfaction. The decoration of the photo studio is good, so that customers have a refreshing feeling. They will unconsciously mention it to family and friends around them, which is equivalent to making an advertisement for themselves.
Precautions for photo studio decoration
Precautions for photo studio decoration: store appearance
The door is the first time to attract customers’ attention, and tell customers what kind of corporate image and what products are sold in the store. Especially for the storefront of the photo studio, three aspects should be considered: one is the source of customers. The design of the front door of the photo studio should cater to the customer’s psychology and make it attractive enough; the second is the design part, pay attention to color and size ratio. Consider whether it matches the color required by the corporate image design, and whether the size relationship between the logo and the door head is coordinated; the third is the material part, simple inkjet is a small company’s work! Here, XDYJ recommends that photo studio customers and friends must be cautious in the choice of materials, and do not reduce the store’s grade due to greed for small prices!
Precautions for the decoration of the photo studio: appearance and store passages
Generally speaking, an open facade is more likely to attract customers. Use glass doors and glass windows to increase the temptation. The main aisle in the store should be wide rather than narrow, so that customers can clearly understand the various areas of the store after entering the main aisle.
Reasonable layout of the decoration of the photo studio
A good layout will make the entire store have a stronger sense of space and have a reasonable and complete functional area pattern. Before the layout, suitable functional areas can be customized according to different store conditions. What the owner of the photo studio needs to understand is: small area does not mean that there is a lack of functional areas. Reasonable planning will make the store layout more creative, create a fashionable layout, and maximize the use of space, so that every functional area is so free from the position of appearance or the use of workflow in work. To achieve “the small store is exquisite and rich, the big store has taste and atmosphere”
Indoor color of the decoration of the photo studio
The personalization of the decoration color will make it more distinguishable from other stores, making the store more prominent and eye-catching. The color of the store should also be matched with the corresponding style, if the main color of the style is reasonably applied to the store. , The quality of the store will be further improved.
Lighting and lamps for the decoration of photo studio
According to the principle of ergonomics, people’s perception is light-oriented. Therefore, the brightness of the area in the store should be rationally arranged, and the humanized service concept should be followed to make customers feel that the store’s service is meticulous, even the lighting. Consider it.