Precautions for purchasing overall cloakroom

Precautions for purchasing overall cloakroom
1. The choice of lamps and lanterns is safe. Light is a problem that De Feiya and any other wardrobes need to consider. Therefore, the configuration of the light must not only ensure the illuminance, but also pay attention to its heat. It is best to choose a built-in light bulb, plus The lamp shade of the lamp is more suitable to avoid potential safety hazards, and the location of the switch should also be considered.
2. The design of the dressing room should be based on ergonomics. The design of the overall cloakroom of De Feiya emphasizes the rationalization and humanization of the collection function. The interior of the dressing room is mainly assembled from boards. Although the process is not complicated, it is not easy to do it well. According to the homeowner’s living habits and hobbies, we will create different styles of cloakrooms. The homeowner should make an overall design according to the overall lighting, color tone and material combination before the house decoration, and then do it with the home improvement after the plan is determined. This can avoid problems such as that the carpet should have been laid, but the edges have been turned off due to the already laid floor tiles.
3. Avoid disorganized clothes placement. Because the closets in De Feiya’s overall cloakroom are mostly open, all clothes are exposed outside, which is easy to be messy and messy. Therefore, the division of the slab should be reasonable. Before the slab is divided, the size of the placed objects, including length, body, and weight, can be fully analyzed. Which ones are commonly used, which ones are spares, who is suitable for putting them on, and who It is suitable to be placed below, whether it is convenient to place and pick up, and so on. Then, based on these analyses, create a segmentation diagram of the shelf.
Three, pay attention to the use of sophisticated hardware. These hardware are an important part of ensuring quality. If the image is only cheap for a while, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. Designing a pier or telescopic pull rod in the overall dressing room of De Feiya, can sit and hang when changing clothes, it is the performance of humanized design.
4. Keep the size of the cabinet installed. It is best to leave at least 5 cm between the size of the cabinet and the surrounding wall to facilitate on-site installation. The so-called tight fit is actually a misunderstanding.
5. Do a good job of moisture-proof treatment. Most architectural design concepts will place the storage room close to the kitchen and bathroom, at least one wall is like this. If the homeowner’s storage cabinet falls into this category, the moisture-proof problem becomes special It’s important. First of all, make waterproofing in the neighboring bathroom or kitchen, and then put some moisture-proof agent in the kitchen during use.