Precautions for shop decoration

One of the precautions for shop decoration: signboard design
Shop decoration pay attention to sign design. Every consumer’s understanding of an unfamiliar store starts with its sign. Generally speaking, a newly designed sign can achieve an eye-catching effect, and it is also enough to leave a deep impression. In the eyes of many consumers, the design of the sign has largely determined the grade of its products. The general view is that if a store has a stylish and innovative sign design, the products in it should also be high-end, and its quality is also excellent. And if the sign of a shop is not beautiful enough, it is easy for everyone to think that the goods in it are low-end and the quality is not good enough. It can be seen that the design of the sign is the first impression of consumers and we need to pay enough attention to it. Generally speaking, the sign design of the store needs to be novel, concise, and integrated with the interior design of the store. The color must be eye-catching, and the writing on it must be clear enough. This allows pedestrians to and from a distance to clearly see the signboard content.
Shop decoration matters two: lighting design
Shop decoration pay attention to lighting design. Different wavelengths are in people’s eyes. It becomes a different color. Through the use of different lighting intensities and different colors of lights, not only can a comfortable shopping environment be brewed for customers, but the colors can also achieve the purpose of stimulating consumers’ desire to buy. For new products launched in shops, we can carry out special lighting treatment to enhance the quality of the products through lighting. For the lighting design in the store, it is necessary to pay attention to the highlights: First, the lighting color should not be too mixed. The colorful lighting effect not only appears chaotic, but also has an adverse effect on the mood of consumers. Mild cases feel dizzy and uncomfortable, and severe cases may cause nausea and vomiting. Second, the light intensity should not be too strong, too strong light irradiation will cause discomfort to the eyes of customers.
Shop decoration considerations three: adhere to the principle of simplicity
The so-called principle of simplicity refers to the furnishings in the shop, the style of decoration, etc. For any shop, no matter what kind of product it is operating, if the shop squeezes too slowly or piles up too slowly, it will always give people a kind of A sense of depression, so that you will not stay in the store for too long. On the contrary, these simple stores can give customers a pleasant physical and mental effect, so they will stay for a long time and stay for a long time, then potential customers will Appeared.