Precautions for shopping mall decoration

Precautions for shopping mall decoration
1. The shopping malls are generally constructed at night and cannot be constructed during the day. The specific construction time is related to different shopping malls. Some can enter the site at 7 o’clock, and some can only enter after 10 o’clock.
2. During construction in the mall, smoking is absolutely prohibited, otherwise the penalty will be stricter.
3. The fashionable design is combined with the rationality of decoration materials, and the design effect is exquisite. If the material is selected and constructed improperly, it will affect the later use. Use special materials that are rare in the market, such as imported facing materials and special-shaped materials processed by the factory. Once damaged in use, it is difficult to buy replacement materials to replace; the other is to use original materials, such as soft wood and fiberboard Other man-made materials, some counters use such materials to make floor or low cabinets. Due to the soft material, high water absorption rate and non-wearing, deformation and wear will occur after a few months of use, which affects the look and use.
4. The lighting of counters should be configured scientifically. The lighting of counters should not be compared to the surrounding counters. People have phototaxis, but excessively high light or projection and glare will not only cause physical and psychological discomfort to customers, but also affect the emotions of salespersons. Cause impact and reduce service quality. Each counter must select lamps and light sources according to its own brand style, and make full use of the quantitative indicators of light source illuminance, color rendering, color temperature, shading angle, light uniformity, level contrast, etc., to effectively use light to a reasonable position. Highlight the key parts such as the image wall and models; on the other hand, use the design of the appearance of the props and the lighting to match and set off each other to arouse customers’ emotion and shopping interest, and promote marketing effects.
5. The decoration should pay attention to environmental protection, purify the air and catch the source. The content of benzene and formaldehyde in the decoration materials exceeds the standard, pollute the indoor environment, irritate the eyes, cause brain discomfort, and make customers unwilling to stay for a long time. Therefore, the decoration materials should choose the environmental protection products of the regular manufacturers, especially the paint and adhesive materials. In addition, attention should be paid to the construction team with good construction reputation to prevent the use of fake environmental protection materials in the construction.
6. In theory, the iron wire of the ceiling is not allowed to be connected to the air duct, fire-fighting pipe and sprinkler, so you can only hang the rib yourself.
7. The color and brand positioning are reasonably matched. Color is the soul of the counter. The human brain is more sensitive to color. Customers can identify the type of clothing based on the decoration color of the counter outside the counter. Noble quality, heavy or elegant colors, mainly in gold, reddish brown, and white; avant-garde fashion, rich color matching, with green, red, yellow, and black as the main colors; lively, with red, green, blue, and black tones popular.