Precautions for steel structure attic construction

Precautions for steel structure attic construction:
1. Before making the attic, it is best to find a few more professional attic companies to design the design of the attic steel structure.
2. Determine the material used for the attic steel structure (the span is more than 3.5 meters. It is best to use national standard steel). Some unprofessional attic companies recommend that the owner use square steel as it is not advisable. (Square steel cannot be fully rust-proof inside and out. It is easy to oxidize and is relatively thin). Channel steel or I-beam should be used correctly.
3. The frame structure of the house is made of hollow bricks. When making the attic, channel steel should be used as a beam in the wall. If only a hole is cut in the wall, the channel steel should be erected. Hollow bricks have a single force. It is easy to cut off.
4. Attic steel structure channel steel. The maximum size of angle steel laying is 610mm*610mm, which is determined according to the blockboard 1.2m*2.4m. Otherwise, a lot of boards will be wasted. 5. Channel steel and angle steel welding must be on the same plane. Welding under the channel steel will be unreasonable when placing the board, so it must be flattened after welding.
5. I-beam and channel steel must be of the same specification, and “full welding” must be selected. The main keel should be whole steel, and intermediate welding is strictly prohibited.
6. “Three-piece suit”-gloves, glasses, masks.
7. It is better to choose the extended type for expansion screws.
8. It is not that the larger the specifications, the better the steel, and the self-weight problem should be considered.