Precautions for tatami decoration

First of all, if storage is needed, materials such as stone, glass, and cement cannot be used. Owners can choose solid wood such as pine and fir or wear-resistant boards, which are durable and beautiful. The interior of the platform is directly divided into storage compartments with plates, which also serve as load-bearing supports. In addition, the board itself has natural wood grain, so no more decoration is needed. If you use a large core board as a support, you can paste a decorative film on the inside to create a fake wood grain effect.
Secondly, an ordinary platform is only 15cm-20cm high, but in addition to storage, a tatami platform may also be equipped with an electric lifting table (when it is placed flush with the ground, but the legs of the table should be hidden in the platform), so The height of the platform must be between 35㎝-40㎝, otherwise it will not make much sense for storage. When the reporter visited the market, he also learned that the tatami platform must not have a curved shape, and it is only suitable for straight-edged platforms.
In addition, the platform storage methods mainly include side-opening (with doors on the side of the platform), pull-out (with drawers on the side of the platform), and lift-up (the top of the platform can be lifted). These methods can be used on the tatami platform, but the first two are recommended, so you don’t need to lift the tatami when picking things up. However, if you want to use the lift-up type, you can set multiple doors on the top plate, which not only opens easily, but also facilitates retrieval, and will not affect the overall design of the platform. As long as the tatami is divided into the same size as the door, it does not affect the opening of the door.
In addition, according to the size of the platform, it can be used in combination with a variety of storage methods. Because the depth of the side opening type and the pull type cannot exceed 60 cm, the large platform can be opened sideways on the outside and lifted up on the inside.
Bedroom tatami decoration design one
The corner layout of tatami mats is suitable for families that do not require too much leisure, but hope that the guest room and study can be combined into one, and can meet some storage needs. The advantage of this layout is that the space reserved is very spacious, giving the space a sense of openness, and tatami mats can be directly used as beds and leisure sofas, with high utilization.
Bedroom Tatami Decoration Design II
Whole-house layout The whole-house layout of tatami is also called Japanese-style tatami. It is the most practical for very small spaces. Not only can the whole floor be used as storage, it will not produce any corners of the floor, and it is easy to clean. However, the whole house needs to be taller, 2.8 meters or more, so that the space will not appear depressing. Moreover, Japanese-style tatami mats can save a lot of decoration costs. First of all, there is no need to lay the floor or buy a bed. The whole room is like a large bed. Children can roll around without fear of falling out of the bed.
Bedroom tatami decoration design three
The bedroom tatami effect picture shows the style of the children’s room, and the warm and loving layout allows children to have their own fairytale world. The murals give the room vitality, allowing the children to play games or rest quietly here, dreaming about the Smurfs dreams, and let the small rooms record their childhood and big dreams.