Precautions for the overall kitchen purchase

Fake environmental protection

Compared with the decoration materials of ordinary rooms, the selection of kitchen materials should pay more attention to safety and cleanliness.

In order to comply with the trend of green environmental protection, businesses are positioned here coincidentally when promoting the materials of their own cabinets. However, because many manufacturers cut corners and reduce configuration, the products produced rarely meet environmental protection standards. Consumers must ask clearly when purchasing and check the corresponding environmental certificate. China’s environmental protection standards are: formaldehyde content ≤30mg/100g; European E1 environmental protection standards are: formaldehyde content ≤8mg/100g.

In addition, the choice of kitchen materials should also pay attention to their moisture-proof performance, otherwise after a period of use, both the cabinet and the countertop will have problems such as expansion and deformation.

Poor hardware performance

Consumers lack the ability to judge the pros and cons of hardware and lack sufficient knowledge. However, hardware and accessories occupies an important position in the complete set of cabinet materials, which will directly affect the overall quality of the cabinet, and have a great impact on the normal use of the cabinet and its “lifetime”.

First of all, the most problematic place is the door hinge. Practice has proved that all kinds of domestic hinges are difficult to meet the necessary quality requirements for cabinets, so there are often situations where the door is closed and the door gap is too large.

Secondly, the status of the guide rail is also difficult to determine. According to statistics, about 95% of cabinet companies use low-priced and poor-quality guide rails. The pros and cons of the guide rail cannot be distinguished from the appearance and the way of use. The main difference lies in the differences caused by the differences in materials, principles, structures, equipment, and production processes. When consumers buy cabinets, they may as well push and pull the drawer a few times to be able to judge.

Again, skirting boards are often overlooked. Generally, manufacturers use the scraps left over from the cabinet body to make skirting boards, which causes the bottom of the cabinet to swell and become moldy after the cabinet is used for a period of time. Therefore, the imported matte metal skirting board with waterproof rubber was recognized by experts as soon as it entered the Chinese market.

Imperfect electrical after-sales

With the popularization of the concept of kitchen function integration, electrical accessories have become an indispensable part of the overall kitchen. In addition to focusing on brand quality when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether its after-sales service system is complete. Many manufacturers are not the first-level agents of their cabinet supporting electrical appliances, and many problems will arise in after-sales service, which will bring unnecessary trouble to consumers.

Lack of professionalism in design

Due to the different sizes of kitchens, personal requirements for comfort, etc., the design of the kitchen is particularly important. From the designer’s initial door-to-door measurement to the final plan determination, not only the overall style of the designer must be considered, but also the rationality of the layout. Every small link must not be neglected. Due to the unreasonable design, the cabinets cannot be installed everywhere, which not only delays the decoration progress, but also affects the original comfortable mood.

Production process is not guaranteed

Exquisite production technology is the guarantee of cabinet quality, which is also the most concerned issue of consumers. Many manufacturers say that they have advanced production lines, but they may not have first-class craftsmen to strictly control the quality, which is very important for cabinet production. After the cabinet is put into use, the door panels often swell and deform because of imperfect edge sealing technology.

Unprofessional after-sales installation

Does the consumer have the experience that the newly renovated kitchen has not been used for a few days, the countertop is broken, and the door gap of the cabinet door has become larger. Such problems will follow one after another. The manufacturer will repair the problem, but the problem will always be solved , Has increased the troubles of life for no reason. This reminds consumers that while choosing cabinets, they should also pay attention to the manufacturer’s installation and after-sales service system. Professional installation should be on-site supervision and guidance, and on-site handling of various problems raised by customers and on-site installation requirements to ensure the excellent quality of the product during installation and after-sales.