Purchase of bathroom accessories under counter basin

1. The installation space should be greater than 70 cm
When buying a basin, first consider the space of the installation environment. When the installation space is less than 70 cm, it is recommended to choose a pedestal basin, and the space greater than 70 cm is good for installing an above counter basin or an under counter basin. Because when it is less than 70 cm, there are fewer types of products to choose from, and it will appear depressed and cramped after installation.
2. Pay attention to matching, quality and installation skills
Before purchasing, you should also consider the location of the water supply and drainage pipes at home, refer to the space environment around the water supply and drainage pipes, and match the basin. The installation of the under-counter basin is more difficult than that of the over-counter basin, and it is very close to the countertop. If the under-counter basin or countertop is broken, it should be replaced in general. Choose under-counter basins of well-known brands, the quality is guaranteed, and normal use will generally not break. Finally, it is more important to choose a master with good craftsmanship!
3. Choose basins by eye and hand
Observe whether the ceramic glaze is bright, smooth, no bubbles, no pinholes, no blisters, no stains, strong reflective ability, etc. by backlighting; it can also be touched by hand. If the hand feels smooth and delicate, and the knocking sound is clear, it is good Ceramic basin.
To buy a stainless steel under-counter basin, you can touch it with your hand on the wall of the basin to see if there is any bulge. If the quality is good, there will be no bulge. And its sides are generally flat, without big bends. As for the depth, it is reasonable to be 18-21 cm, not too deep, and water is not easy to splash.