Purchase of bedroom furniture

Purchase of bedroom furniture
Bed base
The secret of a good bed lies in its base. So how to identify the merits and demerits of the bed? First of all, we should pay attention to the quality of the bed board. If we lift the mattress, we will see that the wooden bed board. If the bed board is a thin plate instead of a multi-layer board, the quality of the bed is obviously not up to standard. The bed made of multi-layer straightening plate and steel wire spring has heavy texture without any noise, which belongs to high-quality bed base.
A safe and durable bed base can not guarantee a comfortable sleep. Only by combining the bed base with the mattress can we create the most perfect bed. When choosing a mattress, we should pay attention to the following two points:
1. Elasticity and hardness: everyone’s sleeping habits are different, and the soft and hard requirements of the mattress are also different. A good bed can automatically adjust its elasticity with the change of sleeping posture. Therefore, in the purchase, according to their own sleep habits, try to lie in a variety of positions, if you can feel comfortable, in order to achieve the best sleep conditions.
2. Size: the length and width of the mattress should be enough, because everyone will turn over when they sleep. Leave enough space for people to flip freely.
The length of the mattress should be at least 15cm in height. Space should be reserved for pillow placement to reduce the pressure during sleep. People who are too tall are advised to buy a mattress with longer size.
1、 Surface quality board type adult bed is based on particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other man-made boards. The surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper wood grain. The pattern of imitation wood grain is clear and natural, smooth and smooth, and has good visual effect and feel. When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether the surface of the board has scratches, indentation, blisters, degumming peeling and glue traces and other defects; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth, and do not have the feeling of artificial fabrication.
2、 Production quality board type adult bed is formed by cutting, trimming and sealing the formed plates and assembling the parts. The production quality mainly depends on the cutting quality, edge and surface decoration quality and plate port quality. Generally speaking, the edge profile of the board which meets the precise requirements is flat and well aligned with the angle, and the plate tilt will not appear after the furniture is made. The decoration of the edge and surface mainly depends on whether the glue on the decorative parts is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trimming is smooth, whether the end faces of the visible parts such as the side panel of the parts, the door panel, the drawer panel and other visible parts are edge sealed, and the decoration is fine There is no sign of adhesion on the edge of good plate.
3、 The quality of metal parts and plastic parts, the metal parts and plastic parts are used as the fastening connection parts for the plate type adult bed, so the quality of the metal parts also determines the internal quality of the board type adult bed. Metal parts are required to be smart, smooth, surface electroplated, without rust, burr, etc., and the precision of matching parts is higher.
4、 Formaldehyde emission board adult bed is generally based on particleboard and MDF. When consumers open doors and drawers, if they smell a pungent odor, causing tears or coughing, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission in furniture exceeds the standard.