Purchase of Chinese style furniture

Purchase of Chinese style furniture
First of all, when buying Chinese style furniture, the actual situation of the buyer should be combined. For example, the elderly should not rush to “fashionable” to buy tall combination cabinets. Although high cabinets save space, it is not convenient to climb up to get things. Many tall combination cabinets are very helpful for saving family space, especially in the case of relatively small home area. However, tall combined cabinets are not suitable for every family. The elderly must avoid buying such tall furniture.
Second, the newlyweds should not only buy Chinese style furniture in a new style, but also consider the life after the birth of the baby in the future. For example, some angular short furniture is likely to hurt children, while avoiding the choice of short glass furniture is likely to become the target of children’s attack, so from the perspective of safety, this point can not be ignored.
Thirdly, from the aspect of cost performance, in fact, many people will give priority to the high price when they buy furniture, and if the buyer’s economic level is very high, so you can choose expensive, but if the buyer’s economic level is not very high, this time should consider from the use of functional aspects, after all, the use effect is the most important consideration, otherwise it will cause waste, and will not It shows a good visual effect.
Chinese furniture size
Through the usual observation of this Chinese style furniture, it is not difficult to find that the size of this Chinese style furniture is always exquisite in the design of domineering tall, very taboo short size design. Therefore, since ancient times, Chinese furniture has always given people the royal style and the style of the king, which is also the cream of traditional Chinese furniture. And the size of Chinese furniture and the proportion of each part, even the thickness of each piece, are the basis of the soul of traditional Chinese furniture.
Over the years, the ancestors have followed and inherited the law that the big is more expensive than the small is cheap, the high is expensive, the short is cheap, the heavy is expensive, the light is cheap, the thick is expensive, the thin is cheap, the coarse is expensive, the red is expensive, the white is cheap, the yellow is expensive, the blue is cheap, and so on. This rule is played incisively and vividly in our national art works. In our Chinese style furniture size design can best reflect.
What you can see in the size drawing of Chinese style furniture now is a new Chinese style table and chair set. Its design also continues the design style elements of traditional Chinese furniture. But in this Chinese style furniture size drawing, we can see that the design abandons the complicated production technology and various fine patterns. The Chinese furniture is made of African rosewood. Its texture is hard and the wood texture is very natural and beautiful. The size of this Chinese style furniture design is very appropriate, the overall shape is exquisite and simple, giving people a sense of luxury without exaggeration. The size of this Chinese style furniture is: Table: length 415 * width 500 * height 680mm; Chair: length 600 * width 475 * height 890mm.