Purchase of modular furniture

Based on fully tapping the potential of furniture and trying to achieve dual purposes as much as possible, modular furniture has become one of the main considerations when choosing furniture. It is a multi-functional furniture that integrates multiple functions, has a small footprint, great flexibility, simple function conversion, and strong practicability. While releasing your living space, it will also make our lives become Simpler.
Purchase of modular furniture
First, select products item by item. Due to the high price of modular furniture and the complicated structure, it is especially necessary to prevent missing items.
Second, pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and give priority to buying brand-name products. This requires attention to the manufacturer’s factory standard. Pay attention to whether there is quality inspection verification and its reliability. Because, in furniture production, there are many methods of deception, and personal choice is often useless.
Third, grasp the characteristics of defective products. Generally, the inferior products are made of inferior materials, different seams, incompatible wedge eyes, mixed use of internal and external materials, poor adhesion, rough paint, frustrated hand feeling, turbid oil, and poor brightness.
Fourth, master the characteristics of cutting corners. This includes: using inferior materials to fill good materials, such as using plywood as a wooden board, using fiberboard instead of plywood, using nails and glue to replace the necessary wedge lock glue technology; and fewer nails and leaking glue. All of these affect the useful life of furniture.